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Wow! Berg Larsen 170/0 SMS Bronze– Doc Tenney Custom

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Product ID: DocTBrassBerg170Ten103


HELP, I Want One!

Do Tenney Custom
This is a very interesting mouthpiece. Doc Tenney custom Berg Larsen 170/0 SMS metal bronze for tenor saxophone. The  true measurement of the piece is .160”. 
This piece is in nice physical condition. The facing profile is in great shape regarding the table, side rails and tip. It does show off some very clean facing work by Doc. The piece does feature the classic Berg Larsen bullet chamber and a rolled baffle below the tip rail. Its original marbled bite plate is intact and in great shape as well. 
The tip opening on this piece is legitimately humongous. That being said I still found it very responsive and was able to get around on it quite well with a medium stiff reed. The sound is huge and projection is quite exceptional. If pieces with big tip openings are your thing this Doc Tenney custom is going to be hard to pass up.