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WOW! 98%+ Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax - Serial # 98930

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Product ID: 98930MarkVIAlt18


HELP, I Want One!

as pretty as they come!
This is an incredible, original lacquer “5 digit” Selmer Mark VI alto sax, serial number 98930. This horn looks breathtaking, with over 98% original lacquer intact. It is one of the prettiest early Mark VI's you'll find. To say this horn has been treated well in its life is an understatement. The original lacquer shows only very mild wear, mostly on a couple touch points and some light surface scratching on the back of the bell. The bell flare has never been bent, there are no dents in the bottom bow, and the bell-to-body brace and thumb rest have never been pushed in. The original neck is also in flawless physical condition, with matching serial number and all of the paint still around the “S” on the octave key.
We recently re-padded this alto, using premium firm leather pads and seamless, oversized metal resonators. All of the adjustment corks and felts have been replaced, and it is in perfect playing shape. The spring tensions have been set on the medium side, with medium-open key heights, and the sax feels like butter under your fingers. Some natural cork risers were also added to this saxophone. They can easily be removed if desired, just let us know. 
Sonically, this alto plays with a warm, darker tone, but has plenty of punch when you need it. I found it to be slightly more open than I was expecting, with a strong core to build upon. It ships in its original hard case, with a newer leather case cover. While the zippers on the cover are broken, the case itself is in excellent shape and latches are perfect. It is a tremendous example of a great early Mark VI.