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WOW! '5 Digit' Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax with Silver Plated Body - Serial # 83757

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Product ID: 83757MarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

Shipping with Fresh Saxquest Restoration

This is one of those fabled 8x,xxx Mark VI tenors you always hear about: a 1959 vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax with serial number 83757. This is a true American engraved Mark VI with serial number matching on the neck. It is slotted in line in our repair shop to get a complete overhaul, and will ship with all new pads and in perfect playing shape.


This tenor was originally a lacquer horn, but at some point, the body was redone in silver plate, while the keys remain in lacquer. It creates a startling look and is quite nice to see in person. While the horn has a few dings and dimples, there is no major past trauma that is evident. There's a couple dings currently right on the bottom bow cap, which we will do our best to clean up during our repad, but being on the hollow cap, there's only so far we can take it. No other discernible dents in the horn, and the original neck doesn't appear to have ever been pulled down.


This tenor came to us on old pads, so we are going to do it up right. We'll take it apart, polish/shine the silver plated body, and clean and oil all the keys. We'll replace all pads using premium firm leather pads and metal resonators. During reassembly, we'll even the spring tensions throughout (medium strength) and set the key heights to medium-open, just as a Selmer of this vintage should feel. We'll leave it feeling like the day it left the factory in 1959.


If you've been on the hunt for one of these almost mythical 80000 tenors, this is a great find, and in a look that will turn heads. A fantastic tenor, I expect it will go quick!