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WOW! 1967 Vintage Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax - Freshly Overhauled! - Serial # 145223

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Product ID: 145223MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a sweet 1967 vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI alto sax, serial number 145223. These 14x,xxx horns are often called the “Sanborn” vintage because that's what he reportedly loves. It's easy to see why. This alto is a dynamic player, and has just been completely restored in the Saxquest repair shop.


This horn looks fantastic. It was relacquered long ago but done well, and more recently re-engraved in the original American engraving pattern. The color is still good for this vintage and it has a nice aged patina to it. There's some normal lacquer wear here and there from regular use, and some history of minor body work, including a couple resolders, but the tube is straight and I don't see any serious past trauma. The original neck too has never been damaged or pulled down.


This alto came to us on old pads, so we completely repadded it. We used Valentino Pro firm leather pads with original style brown nylon resonators. All material was replaced and the sax precisely set up with medium-open key heights and medium spring tensions. All work was done in our shop by George Bunk, and the sax feels like a brand new horn.


It's no surprise why this serial number range of Mark VI altos is so popular. This horn can do it all, from soft and sultry to bold and edgy. It takes your air evenly from low Bb up into the altissimo, and everything just pops effortlessly. It's a wonderful player, and deserves a good home to someone who will appreciate it.