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WOW! 1950’s Vintage Berg Larsen Duck Bill Stainless Steel 90/1 MS Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone

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Product ID: BergDuck90o1TenMA


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Duck Bill 90/1
This is a very sweet vintage Berg Larsen “Duck Bill” metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone with a 90/1 MS facing. In comparison to later vintage Bergs these pieces from the 1950’s had a shorter shank and an extra long beak (duck bill).  This particular duck bill is in great shape around the outer body as well as the black bite plate. The facing profile is in good shape showing some standard blemishing from past reed placement and general use. This piece was most likely worked on at some point in the past. The side rails and tip rail are very clean. One area of note there is some light scratch marks below the tip rail. The tip opening on this piece measures .095”.
This piece has a crisp medium warm color to how it plays. In comparison to a lot of later vintage Bergs this one does seem to have a little bit more of a subtle vibe to it and is somewhat darker then I expected. This piece is definitely a fairly rare find at this point. Ships with an original vintage Berg Larsen single screw ligature.