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Workhorse! Vintage Couf Superba I Low A Baritone In Original Lacquer, Serial #91793

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Product ID: 91793CoufBari


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Fantastic Players Horn – Couf Superba I
This is a vintage Couf Superba I low A baritone saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 91793. The Couf baritones are quite powerful and are also highly flexible. They are perfect for the players who need a horn they can really push to the limit. This one has a huge sonic character akin to vintage Conn models but it also shows ample control regarding the evenness and response across its entire range. This is an ideal saxophone for any one looking for a budget low A baritone for performance in a wide range of musical situations. 
While it is not the prettiest baritone out there the body is in excellent shape. There has been a little bit of modest dent and solder work performed but nothing serious. The bow and bow cap are both in very good condition as is the upper J tube area. Its original neck is in great condition as well. There have been re-solders to the alternate F# key guard and one of the lower key guard feet. The baritone is currently in the Saxquest awaiting a professional set-up. As part of the set-up we will also clean up the smaller dings around the bottom of the horn. 
This sax will ship out in the perfect playing condition. If you are trying to get an outstanding bari you are going to be hard pressed to get into a pro low A model for less money.