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Wm.S Haynes Co. Hand Made Solid Silver Open Hole C Foot Flute, Serial #38569

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Open Hole C Foot – Late 1960's
This is an older handmade silver Haynes Boston flute, serial number 38569. The flute was made with open tone holes, low C foot and inline G. Its body, foot and head joint are solid silver construction. These vintage Haynes play with a warm sonic character with a broader spread to them in contrast to the tightly focused modern Japanese flutes. This flute is in amazing physical condition for its vintage and does not show any signs it received major repair in the past. 
The flute was just freshly serviced in our shop and is now in perfect playing condition. The servicing included a cleaning and set-up with all new pads and new key materials. These flutes are very popular among professional wood wind doublers or anyone looking for a pro flute with a more open sound. 
This flute ships in perfect playing condition in a Gemeinhardt hard plastic case.