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Wm.S Haynes Co. Hand Made Solid Silver Flute, Serial #35145

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Product ID: 35145Haynes


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Haynes Pro Flute -1966
Here is a vintage handmade silver Haynes Boston flute with the serial number 35145. The Haynes flute is constructed with open tone holes and an in line G key. It also features keywork down to low B. These vintage Haynes play with a warm sonic character with a broader spread to them in contrast to the tightly focused modern Japanese flutes.  The sound character of this particular flute exhibits a dark and reserved quality in lower dynamics while its also able to blossom into full vibrancy when higher dynamics are desired. 
Physically this flute is in fantastic condition showing normal play wear for its vintage. There is no sign of dents, wear on the silver, or on the lip plate. It came into our shop playing on an older pads set and set-up. Ultimately if you plan on using the flute for a lot of serious playing it will need to be overhauled first. In order to keep the price of this flute at a premium we are selling it in as is condition.
This flute ships in a hand made mahogany case with a cut out interior, ideal for the secure carriage of the body.