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WM. S. Haynes Solid Silver Commercial Model C Foot Flute, Serial #49021

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Product ID: 49021HaynesCfootFlute


HELP, I Want One!

This is a lovely WM. S. Haynes flute in solid silver, serial number #49021. The commercial model flutes show case closed hole construction and C foot. These flutes are ideal for the doubling flute player. The high quality construction of the Haynes allows for a rich full sound with excellent control and balance. This flute features the Deveau scale key work which provides improved intonation. 
The body of the flute is in excellent condition. There is some standard light play wear but the flute has never seen any major repair work. All of the tone holes across the body and foot joint are excellent. The head joint is also in pristine physical condition. 
The Haynes flute is currently playing decently on a set of older pads. Ultimately if you are planing on putting a lot of serious play time on the flute it would benefit greatly from a re-pad. We are offering it for sale in as is condition in order to keep the price low. 
Ships with wood case, tuning rod and case cover.