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Vitnage Selmer Paris 'Jazz' C* Metal Mouthpiece for Alto Sax with Cap and Lig

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Product ID: SelMetJazzCsAlt1117


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Selmer Jazz for Alto
This is an older metal Selmer “Jazz” mouthpiece for alto saxophone in a C* facing. These piece was made with a similar horseshoe shaped chamber as the Soloist models from the same era. This piece does show some typical wear around the body and some mild tarnish to the silver. The tarnish could be easily cleaned up with a little elbow grease. Its black bite plate area is in great shape as well. 
The facing profile of this piece is in decent condition regarding the side rails and table. It shows some light wear beyond the tip rail, not the prettiest looking but it is not significant enough to negatively impact the way it plays. 
This piece measures with a fairly small tip opening of .060”. It plays with a smooth and focused response and has a rather warm color. This is definitely not an ultra bright metal mouthpiece. Ships with the original Selmer 3 band 402 ligature and metal cap.