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Vintage Yamaha YAS-62 Purple Alto Saxophone in Gold Lacquer, Serial #004027

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Product ID: 004027YAS62PLAlt

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YAS-62 'Purple Logo'
This is a nice players horn, vintage Yamaha YAS-62 alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial  number 004027. The 62 with the purple Yamaha logo was the first version of the modern Yamaha 62 SIII. These early models are easily recognized by their large J shaped key guards. They are considered by most to be more free blowing in comparison to the modern version. These saxophones are highly versatile players with fast response, comfortable key work and amazing reliability. They are a favorite among pro players and are a great option for someone looking for pro quality at a price below $3,000.
This saxophone is in nice shape as it sits but does show the history of plenty of play time and some repairs. The gold lacquer shows wear in many of the primary contact points, the back of the bell, side key touches and around the neck strap ring. The sax has also had some mild dent and solder repair in the past. There are a few small re-solders around some of the key guard feet as well as a solder repair under the ribbing for the bottom stack. The original neck to the saxophone is in good condition and has never been pulled down. A previous owner of the sax had a nickel insert added to the octave key arm. ( see picture 28 ) They also had cork risers added on the palm keys and a small touch piece on the low C# key. We are going to leave these on at this time but they can be removed upon request. 
The alto looks like it was recently re-padded by another shop. All of the leather pads and brow resonators are in good shape and have plenty of life in them. Most of the cork and felt is pretty worn out and the sax could really benefit from a fresh set-up. As such it is currently in line in our shop to received a professional set-up. The work will include a complete dissemble and cleaning of the sax and keys before it is precisely regulated. Once complete it will be in perfect condition with all new corks and felts. 
This alto is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a lot of flexibility at a great price. Ships out in perfect playing condition.