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Vintage Yamaha Purple Logo YSS-62 Soprano Sax, Serial #1613

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Product ID: 1613Yam62PLSop


HELP, I Want One!

BIG Sound & Response!

This is an early vintage Yamaha YSS-62 “purple logo” soprano sax, serial number 1613. This soprano shows normal lacquer for its age but no signs of any dents or previous repairs. You don't see these purple logo horns come up for sale very often.


This horn looks solid. The lacquer is mostly just on the usual touch points. The bell flare has never been bent and there are no past repairs, including no resolders. The keywork is crisp and fluid under your fingers, keyed to high F#. The sax is playing well on older pads, which still seem to have plenty of life left in them. Pads are fitted with metal Noyak resonators.


The one piece design of the YSS-62 is a real favorite for players looking for the added resonance you get on these horns. This sax plays with a very free, open response, slightly brighter on the spectrum, with a bit, powerful voice. It takes all the air you can push through it and then some. A whole lot of fun to play! Ships in its original, purple hard case.