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Vintage Yamaha Purple Logo YBS-61 Low A Baritone Saxophone in Gold Lacquer, Serial #2705

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Product ID: 2705YBS61Bari


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Lovely Purple Logo Low A Baritone
This is very nice Yamaha YBS-61 baritone saxophone in gold lacquer finish, serial number 2705. These older Yamaha baritones are a fantastic choice if you are looking to pick up a nice pro level horn at a lower price point. The Yamaha 61 was Yamaha's first professional line of saxophones. They featured the purple logo stamping on the bell and also had key bigger sized key guards for the bell keys. This saxophone features key work from Low A to high F. It also features a comfortable front F key with pearl touch point. The Yamaha YBS 61 plays with a warm but very flexible color and would be perfect for anyone needing to cover a wide range of musical settings. 
This particular baritone has seen a decent amount of use over the years but is in great physical condition as it has been well kept by the previous owner. It shows off a lovely gold lacquer finish. The purple Yamaha logo is also still intact and looks fantastic. Its body tube as well as the upper U/J tube assembly are all in excellent condition. The bow has just a few small dings at this time but the bow cap is in great shape and has never been seriously damaged. There has been a small amount of repair to this saxophone in the past. Notably to the bell to body brace as well as one of the posts near the side keys. 
The baritone comes with two necks. It has the original neck as well a newer YBS-62 neck which seems to be a better fit for the horn. Both of these necks show similar cosmetic condition to the horn and have no history of past repair or damage.  
This sax came into our shop playing up storm with the majority of the older pads still on the horn. The sax has been serviced a little at a time over the years but due to the age of the pads this baritone is going to ultimately need to be overhauled in the not too distant future. In order to be able to offer it for a lower price we are currently selling it in as is condition. But we are giving the buyer the option to add a Saxquest pro overhaul at the time of purchase. This would include a complete dissemble, cleaning, key fitting and new set-up with all new Valentino leather pads, new resonators and corks and felts. While the horn is apart we would also remove the small dings. 
Saxophone ships with original Yamaha case and two necks. Please let us know if you have any questions.