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Vintage Woodwind Co. New York Educator B5* Hard Rubber Mouthpiece - 0.066 inch (1.68mm)

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Product ID: WWNYHRAlto066


HELP, I Want One!

Vintage Piece Warm and Edgy!
Here is a Woodwind Co. Educator B5* hard rubber mouthpiece for alto sax with a tip opening of 0.066 inches (1.68mm). It is in great physical condition with only light markings from storage, there are no apparent teeth indentations on the beak. The side rails and the table are still flat and look to be un-altered. The red and white lines from the engraving are starting to fade, but the paint is still crisp and visible in the engravings. This piece features a small-rounded chamber and a rolled tip baffle, it plays warm, compact, and with a slight edge reminiscent of a Meyer. 
Any jazz players would be interested in this piece for combo or large ensemble playing, and since it's only opened to a Meyer 4 it would be a great candidate to be refaced to a larger tip opening.