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Vintage Wood Buffet Crampon R13 Series Bb Clarinet - Serial # 87292

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Product ID: 87292BuffetR13Clarinet


HELP, I Want One!

This is a mid-60's vintage Buffet R13 series professional Bb clarinet, serial number 87292. This is a fantastic clarinet for the player looking for a professional clarinet on a budget.


The wood body on this instrument is in stellar shape. I see no previous cracks or repairs, and that includes the original barrel and bell. The keywork shows some finish wear as to be expected, but the mechanisms remain tight. This clarinet will go through our repair shop for a complete overhaul and repad before shipping, where Audrey Denny will replace all of the pads and material, and precisely regulate the instrument throughout.


This Buffet plays with a warmer, focused core sound, with good support and an even transfer over the break. It is a fairly free blowing clarinet, offering just a touch of resistance. A very responsive instrument. It does come with a Buffet hard rubber mouthpiece.