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Vintage 'The Martin' Committee III Baritone Sax in Raw Brass Full Overhaul, Serial #195664

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Product ID: 195664MartinBari


HELP, I Want One!

The Martin Bari Sax - Complete with Custom Overhaul!
This is an awesome “The Martin”  Committe III  baritone saxophone, serial number 195664. The instrument just received a custom overhaul in the Saxquest shop in late 2018. It is in peak performance condition and is playing up a storm. The overhaul included precise key fitting and fine regulation of all the key work. It is now set-up with a new set of black Roo-Pads and Maestro gold plated resonators. All of the cork and felt work is also brand new. While the instrument was in our shop we also added the alt F# key to this instrument. The Martin baritones from this period were not manufactured with this key. ( see picture 29)
These Martin baritones are very free blowing and responsive instruments. This one in particular seems extra responsive and colorful due to the raw brass finish. The key work on the baritone is fluid and smooth moving under the fingers. Its construction features a moveable thumb rest, beveled tone holes, reinforcement plate along the side of the J tube, spit valve and a stylish key guard over the low B and Bb keys. 
At some point in the past the lacquer finish was removed from the instrument. It currently shows a  clean raw brass body with crisp engraving along the bell. Like any pro baritone worth its salt this one does have some history of repair. As it sits the body tube, bow an bell are all in great condition. The bell to body brace and some of the posts have been repaired in the past. All of the work was done professionally and is hard to spot if you are not looking very closely. The bow cap shows a small wear area but the condition of the bow itself is excellent. This saxophone is with the original neck with matching serial number stamp. The neck is in outstanding condition. Once upon a time it did have a Varitone pick-up on it. Josh removed this and fixed it the right way with a flush plug. 
This instrument is ideal for the pro player looking for a powerful and versatile instrument. With the low Bb models becoming quite popular once again this is a nice chance to pick one up all decked out. The baritone was overhauled by us in late 2018 and has since also been recently serviced in the Saxquest shop. 
Do not miss out on this world class power player! Instrument ships in perfect playing condition with Protec “Bullet” hard case. The case also has wheels!