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Vintage SML Paris France Rev D Tenor Saxophone in Gold Lacquer, Serial #14584

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Product ID: 14584SMLRevDTen


HELP, I Want One!

This is a vintage SML Rev. D tenor saxophone in gold lacquer made in Paris France, serial number 14584. If you are looking for a good player and do not want to break the bank an SML can be picked up at a great price. This one in takes the air in quick and easy while responding with a clear warm color. 
The SML Rev. D is constructed with rolled tone holes and key work to high F. The last owner of this saxophone also had an additional neck strap ring added as well as some custom risers on palm D and Eb keys. The strap ring allows for a more familiarity and comfort for most players. Its original strap ring is also preserved on the horn. These saxophones also feature a G# auxiliary lever which allows the player to chose using either a articulated G# or non articulated. 
The tenor is not the prettiest at this point in its life but it is physically in solid condition showing some past repair. There is signs of past repair at the bottom of the sax around the bow. The work looks like it was done decently and the bow cap itself is in good shape. The original neck is with the horn. At some point the brace on the under side of the neck received a solder repair. The body tube and bell are both in excellent condition.
The Rev. D plays with an ultra rich sonic character and can put out a lot of power when desired. This particular sax has a fabulous free blowing response and is perhaps most comparable to the vintage Selmer core sound of the late 1950's. It was last overhauled a few years ago in a different shop with some thicker leather pads and metal resonators. At this time the sax is sealing up nicely and is playing well through a few leaks and key clicks. Ultimately the sax could stand a professional clean up and is going to need some general set-up before it can be considered in perfect playing condition. Because the sax is currently playing nicely and our shop is very backed up we are selling this horn in as is condition at a lower price.