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Vintage Silver Plate Conn Bass Saxophone - Recently Restored, Serial #37238

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Product ID: 37238ConnBass

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Wow Vintage CG Conn Bass

This is a super awesome Conn bass saxophone we just got in the shop, serial number 37238. Lately we have been very blessed to have a small number of bass saxophones come through our shop. This one in particular is very special because it is a vintage Conn and it was also recently restored in a pro shop. The body and original neck are both in great shape. All of the straight tone holes on the instrument are also in pristine condition.  These soldered tone holes were all properly addressed and will now be good for another 100 years. The overhaul also included fitting the sax with all new leather pads and brown plastic resonators. If you are looking for a great playing bass with good pads this is about as good as it gets.


Usually we see these horns showcasing bad dent and solder work. This is very much not the case on this instrument. The upper U tube area and tube cap are in excellent condition and have never seen any major work. Its body tube is very pristine as well going all the way down to the bow which is also outstanding. The extended bow cap is in great shape and has never been pushed into the body. Its bell and bell flare are in great shape. The bell flare does show off the gold wash finish. This saxophone does include the original neck. Like the saxophone the neck is also in very good original condition.


Because of time constraints Saxquest is not going to go through this instrument with our full set-up. The pads on it are in great shape and we will play test the bass before shipping and make sure everything is sealing up tight from top to bottom.


Please stay tuned for more information and a video.