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Vintage Silver Plate Buescher Aristocrat Alto Saxophone, Serial #288238

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Product ID: 288238BuescherArisSilvAlt


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Late 1930's Aristocrat – Same Side Left Bell Keys
If you are looking to get into an American classic you can not go wrong with a Buescher Aristocrat. This is a late vintage Aristocrat in silver plate, serial number 288238. These later models has the same side bell keys. They also featured the improved table key mechanism in the left hand pinky, trill G# and front F. 
This one in particular is in excellent physical shape and show cases the original amber roller set. The body tube, bow, bow cap bell and bell flare are all in good shape. The bow does not show any signs of ever being pushes in. Looking at the sax very closely a few of the key guard feet have been professionally re-soldered in the past. Due to the nice condition of the sax and the high quality of the previous repair it is very hard to identify these areas if you are not looking carefully. The original O1 stamped neck is with the alto and in good physical condition. At this point a large amount of the silver finish is off of the neck. 
The last person to service the alto put a mix match of nice leather pads and brown plastic resonators on it. These pads are all in nice shape and have plenty of life left in them. This saxophone is currently in line for a professional set-up and service in our shop. The set-up will include disassemble, cleaning, key fitting and replacement of all necessary key materials. Once complete the sax will be in perfect playing condition. Ships in original Buescher wood hard case.