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Vintage Silver Plate Buescher 400 Tenor Saxophone, Serial #417058

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Product ID: 417058Buesch400Ten


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Buescher 400 – Silver Plate
This is a Buescher 400 tenor saxophone in silver plate from the mid 1950's. These saxophones were released after the Buescher Top Hat and Cane models and are very in the way they play as well as body construction. Done up right with a good overhaul these horns are fantastic free blowing players and are perfect for the day to day pro player who needs a lot of power. 
This one was was silver plated at some point in the past. Its current silver finish has a nice clean look and is accented by the gold ash around the bell flare. The springs look to be original, however they no longer show any of the original gold plating. A previous owner had the saxophone overhauled with some oversized leather pads and non original metal resonators. If you use enough air the horn will play down to a low Bb. But that being said the quality of the work is not great and the horn will ultimately need to be professionally overhauled before it can be considered in perfect playing condition. 
This saxophone is with a non original neck which looks like it actually came off of a vintage Conn. It should also be noted the saxophone is missing the first digit of the serial number on the back of the body tube. This was most likely removed during the process of the silver plating. 
In order to keep the price on this saxophone at a minimum price point we are selling it in as is condition. If you have a good tech in mind you can now get into this sax while keeping the initial cost down. Ships in as is condition with a vintage Buescher hard case.