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Vintage Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Sax, Serial #33600

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Our Price: $ 4,595.00
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Product ID: 33600SelmSBAAlto


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Selmer Paris SBA Alto
This is a very pretty Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action alto saxophone, serial number 33600. If you are looking to get into an early SBA with a good price and a clean look this one is going to be hard to pass up. These early SBA altos exude a rich sonic character which is slightly more focused and intense in nature when compared to the wider spread sound of the later SBA as they moved towards the Mark VI. The key work on the SBA is smooth and compact feeling under the fingers allowing for a fast and fluid response from top to bottom. Interestingly, this alto has a black abolony pearl for the G# key. This is original to the instrument and was done for a very short time during WWII as white pearl became scarce. 
The body is in excellent condition and shows off lovely floral engraving as well as one of the classic landscape centerpieces from the Balanced Action period of Selmer Paris.  This alto is a prime example of what a precise factory re-lacquer looks like. Its current lacquer has the proper dark honey hue which is perfectly complemented by the crisp engraving. The body is physically in great shape and does not show any history of major repair. Its body tube, bow, bow cap and bell are all in fabulous physical condition. The original neck with the sax is also in great shape. It does have a previous solder repair to the tenon. The repair was done extremely well and the neck is in perfect working order. 
This alto came into our shop on a very old set of pads past their prime. As such, it is currently awaiting a professional overhaul in the Saxquest shop. The overhaul will include a complete dissemble and cleaning before all of the pads and materials are replaced. Once complete it will feature a brand new set of leather Valentino pads, metal resonators, new corks, new felts and a ultra thorough key regulation. This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition. Once the work in our shop has been completed we will post fresh pictures and a play test video.