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Vintage Selmer Signet Bari Sax with Low A - Freshly Adjusted! - Serial # 757200

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Product ID: 757200SignetBari


HELP, I Want One!

This is a cool old vintage Selmer Signet series baritone sax with keywork to low A, serial number 757200. This horn has recently been adjusted in the Saxquest shop by Ben Reece and is playing up a storm. It's rare to find a “ready to play” low A bari for under $2500, this is definitely the deal of the day.


Physically, this bari is really in very good shape. It has its share of dings and dimples, but shows no evidence of past trauma or serious dent work. It hasn't been banged around like so many other vintage bari's, and has either been well cared for, or spent much of its life in its case. The bottom bow is straight, and the sax has just a couple tiny dings in the bell flare. The lacquer has scratching but no significant wear.


Pads are fitted with brown plastic resonators, and are still soft with lots of life left in them. Ben reseated pads as needed and replaced much of the key adjustment corks and felts. It is sealing down to low A and is ready to go. On this bari, you can articulate low A with either the traditional key just below the left hand thumbrest, or it also has an extension in the pinky keys just over from your low Bb. It is definitely more comfortable to it from your thumb; I found trying to get over to it quickly in the table keys a bit of a chore. But it is there if you need it! The horn plays great and is priced to move. Ships in a hard case which is a bit worse for wear, but still in working condition.