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Vintage Selmer Paris Super 'Radio Improved' Alto Saxophone, Serial #19206

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Product ID: 19206SelmRadioAlt


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Selmer Radio Improved Alto – 1934
This is a vintage Selmer Paris Radio Improved alto saxophone, serial number 19206. The Radio Improved model was made on a limited run in 1934. These saxophones were a later variant of the “Super.” The Radio Improved model featured a few small adjustments to the key work. These saxophones were made for “radio sound takes and studio recordings.”  This particular alto is not the prettiest horn in the shop at this time but is physically in solid condition. It came into our shop playing on an older set of pads down to low Bb. Ultimately if you are going to do any serious amount of playing on this sax it will first need to be completely overhauled. 
At this point most of the current gold lacquer finish is off of this saxophone. Its engraving remains nice and clear and is not overly work down. There is  a history of past repair and solder work on this saxophone. There is a few re-solders to some the lower key guards and the neck strap ring has also been replaced at some point. The original vintage Selmer neck with this sax is in good condition. It shows similar cosmetic wear as the body, it does not show history of past pull downs. 
The rare factor of this instrument makes it very ideal for a Selmer Pairs collector. This one is currently playing some on its older pads and it is a very fun to play sax. In order to keep the asking price at a minimum we are selling it in as is condition. Ships in protec box case.