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Vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action Tenor Saxophone, Serial #47685 – Smokin' Players Horn

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Selmer Super Balanced Action 1951
This is a very sweet playing vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone, serial number 47685. While it is not the prettiest sax on the wall it is a world class player and ships in perfect playing condition with a pro set-up from the Saxquest shop. 
If you are looking for a monster playing SBA this one in particular is going to be very hard to pass up. It takes your air effortlessly with lightning fast response; and produces a sound which is lush with a dark sonic color. The upper end of this horn really sings and has a lot of highs to the overtones many players find enjoyable and unique to the SBA model. The sonic character of the tenor is balanced from top to bottom. It should also be noted the clarity and response of the extreme upper register is exceptional. The sound on this SBA seems considerably fatter or wider then many of the SBA's we have had in the shop in the last few years. 
The body of the sax is in nice condition showing the history of an instrument which has seen plenty of gigs and performances in its lifetime. The body tube, bell and bow are all in solid condition. It was re-lacquered at some point. It was most likely done a long time ago and it was done very well. The current finish shows a proper dark color which nicely shows off the still clear and crisp floral engraving.  There has been a couple of re-solders to the low Eb key guard and the alternate F# key guard. The bow and bow cap are in great shape. There is a very small area at the center of the cap that is very slightly pushed in. This saxophone does feature the original neck with matching serial number stamp. The neck was previously pulled down and later brought back up to its true position. Once upon a time there was a pick-up on the neck which was at some point removed and fixed the right way with a flush plug. The previous owner also had a large after market left hand thumb rest placed over the original. 
The last owner of the saxophone played it often and kept it professionally serviced over the years. That being said it is due for some regulation and general maintenance. As such it is currently in line for a professional set-up in the Saxquest shop. The work will include a complete dissemble and cleaning followed by precise key fitting and regulation of the key work. Once complete the tenor will be in perfect playing condition on a fresh set-up with new corks and felts along with its current set of leather pads and metal domed resonators.  
If you are looking for a real deal world class player you will not want to miss out on this 1951 vintage Super Balanced Action.