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Vintage Selmer Paris Soloist Short Shank E Opened to .082 by James Bunte

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Product ID: SelmSolossEJB80Alt0210


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Selmer Short Shank Soloist – James Bunte
This is a lovely playing Selmer Paris Soloist C* short shank for alto saxophone. It was just freshly re-faced for Saxquest by mouthpiece tech James Bunte. It plays with an ultra crisp response to air flow and showcases a beautiful sonic character. The profile of the table and side rails is in great shape. There is also now a very clean looking baffle profile below the tip rail. 
The body of the mouthpiece is in excellent physical condition from top to bottom. It does show classic hard rubber fading/oxidation but this is nothing that impacts the way the piece plays. You can also see a non original facing stamp on the side of the piece a past re-facer added. 
The tip opening of the mouthpiece now measures .082”.