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Vintage Selmer Paris Soloist Short Shank E– MOJO Custom .086”

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Product ID: SelmSoloMOJ086Ten


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Selmer Paris - Mojo Custom
This is a very nice Selmer Paris Soloist short shank mouthpiece for tenor sax. The piece as more recently worked on by MOJO mouthpieces. It now measures a Selmer E. Its outer body, beak and shank are all in superb condition. The facing profile is super clean showing a clean table, tip and side rails. This piece does feature a medium inner chamber with the signature Selmer Horse shoe shaping at its throat. 
This piece plays with a darker sonic timbre and has an exceptionally clear projection. These pieces are perfect if you are looking for a slightly more subdued and warm straight ahead jazz sound. This mouthpiece has a tip opening of .086”.