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Vintage Selmer Paris Soloist E Short Shank Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax

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Product ID: SelmSSSoloETen58


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Selmer Paris Soloist E
This is a outstanding example of a Selmer Paris Soloist E. The outer body, beak and shank in excellent condition. There is a little bit of hard rubber oxidation around the shank and side of the body. This is a purely cosmetic and does not impact how the piece plays. 
This mouthpiece was just freshly trued up by mouthpiece tech Eric Falcon. Eric did a beautiful job cleaning up the facing while preserving the true integrity of the mouthpiece. 
The piece plays with an extremely colorful quality while maintaining a dark focused sound. It is ideal for the straight ahead tenor player looking for something dark with plenty of control and flexibility. If you are really into the Joe Henderson sound this is a piece you are going to fall in love with very quickly.