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Vintage Selmer Paris Soloist D Scroll Shank For Tenor - 0.076/1.93mm

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Classic Warm and Focused Tone 1950's Style!
Here we have a beautifully playing Selmer Soloist D for tenor saxophone with a tip opening of 0.076"/1.93mm. This piece has been played on in the past and has acquired some light oxidation across the body, but the original paint in the engraving is still prominent. Physically this piece appears to have been well cared for as the side rails, rail tip, and table are in pristine condition including the paint on the facing marking on the table. The trademark selmer scroll engraving is still sharp.
The baffle on this piece has a slight roll to it and in combination with the flat side-walls give this traditionally dark piece a bit of presence and projection. The chamber of this piece was expertly handcrafted with a smooth transition from baffle to chamber to shank.
The selmer D plays with a gorgeous crisp clear sound with a solid focused core. These pieces are popular for use in small jazz groups and more intimate musical settings as they are not up in your face with sound, and the smaller .076" tip opening keeps volume under control especially for the tenor.