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Vintage Selmer Paris Original Lacquer Super Balanced Action Tenor, Serial #34817

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Early Vintage SBA Tenor 1947
This is a vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone in original lacquer finish, serial number 34817. These early Super Balanced Action tenors are known to be more open and robust then the later vintage models from the early 1950's. This one came in on an an older set of pads very past their prime and is currently awaiting a mechanical overhaul in the Saxquest shop. Once complete it will once again be in perfect playing condition. 
The sax shows a well seasoned original lacquer finish with a dark tinted coloration while also being complemented by crisp floral engraving.  As with many of the best playing saxophones out there this one has seen some history of repair and re-solders. There is a notable solder repair located on the post ribbing at the top of the body tube. The thumb rest also shows sings it was repaired in the past. Past repairs aside the body is currently in solid condition. The bow and bow cap are both in great condition. This saxophone is with the original neck with matching serial number. At some point a previous owner chose to take the lacquer finish off of the neck. It is not the prettiest at this point but does not show signs of ever having been pulled down. 
As it has been some time since the SBA has seen any TLC it is currently not in playing condition. Due to its playing state at this time it is currently awaiting a professional overhaul in our shop. The Saxquest overhaul will include a dissemble and cleaning followed by precise key fitting. When complete the sax will be freshly set-up with all new Valentino pads, metal dome resonators and all new corks and felts. This saxophone ships out in perfect playing condition. It is currently with a vintage Selmer wood hard case with one functioning zipper. We can ship it with this case or in a Protec max case if requested.