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Vintage Selmer Paris Original Lacquer Mark VI Tenor, Serial #132462 - Includes Overhaul

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Product ID: 132462MarkViTen


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Mark VI Tenor - 1966
This is a vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone in original lacquer finish, serial number 132462.
The tenor shows a great look with dark original lacquer finish and crisp floral engraving around the bell. All of the original key work is intact as well as the original key pearls. The horn looks like it received plenty of play time in its day but has most likely spent many of the recent years tucked away in its case.  In close inspection of the saxophone there is not too much out of the ordinary going on. The body tube, bow and bow cap are all in great original condition. If you look very closely you can see where the bottom guard foot of the low Eb key guard has been re-soldered, this is the only solder repair on the instrument. The only other notable wear on the horn is on the upper side of the outer bell flare. (see picture ) This saxophone is with a slightly earlier vintage neck with serial number 126816. The neck is in good condition showing similar cosmetic condition as the body of the horn. It has never seen any major repair or past pull downs. 
This sax looks like it was re-padded around 30 years ago. The pads are all pretty hard and unusable at this point. As such it is currently in our shop awaiting a very thorough mechanical overhaul. The professional overhaul will include a dissemble, cleaning, key fitting and a precise set-up with all new Valentino premium pro pads, metal domed resonators, new corks and felts. Once complete the saxophone will be in perfect playing condition. It is a little hard to play at this time because of the older pads but I was able to play it enough to get an idea it is a very fast responding tenor with a powerful sound and ultra clear projection. Once the work in the shop has been complete we will update this listing with fresh information on how it plays as well as new pictures. 
The tenor is by no means in mint condition but it does have a nice clean look with around 85% original lacquer. If you are looking for sweet 60's vintage Mark VI tenor this one is going to be pretty hard to beat. This tenor ships in perfect playing condition with a fresh Saxquest overhaul and the original gray zip case. If you would prefer the case be changed out for a protec max contoured case please let us know at time of purchase.