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Vintage Selmer Paris Original Lacquer Mark VI Tenor Saxophone, Serial #106953

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Mark VI Original Lacquer – 1963
This is super sweet playing Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone in original lacquer, serial number 106953. If you are looking for a highly versatile instrument for professional performance this tenor is going to be absolutely irresistible. The Mark VI's from the early 1960's are sonically similar to the  earlier five digit Mark VI's from the late 1950's. While they are smooth in response to air flow and feel very free blowing they also feature a tighter core and are noticeably more focused. This particular tenor has a richly balanced timbre across its entire range. The amazing balance makes the instrument highly versatile. Its can be played with a dark sub-tone just as it can also be pushed hard for a brilliant intensity. Projection on this saxophone is crystal clear and quite exceptional. 
The tenor shows history of plenty of past performances but is in great condition from top to bottom. Its original lacquer shows a beautiful honey tint which is nicely complemented by the American floral engraving. The original neck with matching serial number stamp is with this saxophone. At this point most of the finish is off the neck from the years of use but it does not show signs of ever being pulled down in the past. The neck has never had any electronic pick ups. All of the original key key work including the original key pearls are intact on this saxophone. As is common with many seasoned pro instruments there is some modest history of past repair on this saxophone. There has been solder repair on the low Eb and C key guards. The bow and bow cap show a small wear area at its center, but the overall condition and integrity of the bow itself is excellent. 
This sax was last professionally overhauled in an East Coast shop and since then has been played on only a few occasions. All of the leather pads are in good shape and have plenty of life left in them as they have seen almost no play time. It should be noted this saxophone was also overhauled with an original set of Selmer screw back domed metal resonators. This saxophone is currently awaiting a professional set-up in our shop. The set-up will include a disassemble and cleaning of the instrument. While the sax is apart we will also optimize the key fitting and replace all of the cork and felt material. 
This tenor sax ships in perfect playing condition with a fresh set-up from our shop and a new contoured case.