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Vintage Selmer Paris Original Lacquer Mark VI Soprano Saxophone, Serial #266384

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Product ID: 266384MarkViSop


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Mark VI Soprano – High F#
This is a vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI soprano saxophone in original lacquer finish, serial number 266384. The soprano is in great shape and showcases a high F# key as well as a few user modifications to the side keys. Its physical body is in excellent condition. There is no signs it has ever received any major repairs in the past. The body tube, neck venture and bell area are all in excellent condition with no trace of past dent work. Other than the key modifications there is not history of solder repair to any of the posts or key work. 
The previous owner of this soprano was keeping it playing tweaked out and playing on mostly original pads. They also had the side Bb, C and E keys modified to make it easier to reach with the side of your right hand. The high F# key has also had brass added to it to make the key bigger. The instrument came into our shop playing on original pads down to a low Bb. It has a crisp response to air flow and a brilliant sonic character. If you are planning on putting a lot of play time on the instrument it is ultimately going to need a re-pad in the near future. In order to keep the price  at a premium we are selling this one in as is condition. 
Ships with Selmer wood hard case.