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Vintage Selmer Paris Original Lacquer Mark VI Sopranino Sax w/ High F#, Serial #364197

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Product ID: 364197MkVISoprani


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Original Lacquer Mark VI Sopranino – High F#
This is a beautiful original lacquer Mark VI sopranino saxophone with high F# by Selmer Paris, serial number 364197. The instrument is in tremendous original condition and does not look like it received too much play time by the last owner. It came into our shop with all of the original pads and factory green felts. Aside from some standard cosmetic character the sax is in superb cosmetic condition with no major wear or history of repair. The body tube and bell are both in great shape. There is no history of past body repair and there has never been any re-solders on this sax. The original marching lyre is intact and has also never been repaired. 
These later vintage Mark VI's did feature key work all the way to high F palm key and high F#. A very cool feature to find because the vast majority of Mark VI sopraninos are only keyed to high Eb. This instrument came into our shop playing beautifully on its original factory pads and brown nylon resonators. It takes the air in amazingly fast and has a very brilliant focused sonic character. The key work is smooth and comfortable under the fingers. Because the sax is in such pristine original condition we are currently offering it playing on its original pads and will not be doing any service work to it. 
Instrument ships with original wood case and original Selmer D hard rubber mouthpiece.