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Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Tenor Sax in Raw Brass, Serial #183553

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Product ID: 183553MarkViTen


HELP, I Want One!

Mark VI Tenor 1970
This is a very sweet players Mark Vi tenor saxophone, serial number 183553.  The Mark VI tenor plays with an ultra positive response to air flow.  It takes the air in fast and easy while producing a warm core sound with an exceptional balance and control. The key work feels comfortable and ultra fluid under the fingers just like you want in a good pro horn. This particular sax is ideal for any player looking to get into a good playing VI at a lower price point. 
This tenor has seen a decent number of performances in its day and shows  some history of past repair. It has previously had the finish removed and the sax is now in raw brass. The work was most likely a chemical strip as it does not look like there has ever been any major buffing to the body. The American floral style engraving around the bell area looks crisp and well defined. Because the saxophone is in bare brass it is extremely difficultly to tell the full repair history. Looking over the saxophone very carefully you can see a few indications of re-solder repair on some of the feet to the key guards as well as past repair around the bow to body tube band and the low Eb post. The bow cap itself is in excellent condition and has never been pushed in. This saxophone is with the original neck in which is in excellent condition.
The Mark Vi came into our shop playing on  a slightly older set-up. It looks like the last owner of the sax put a fair amount of play time on it while keeping it in decently serviced condition.  It is currently playing quite nicely on leather pads, brown nylon resonators and a mix of stainless steel and blued springs. As it is now the horn is playing great and is gig ready. Ultimately it could use a little bit of general service for general regulation and cleaning before it could be considered in perfect playing condition. Because the horn is already playing great and in order to keep the sales price at a premium we are selling this saxophone as it is without doing any additional shop work to it. 
This saxophone ships out with the original gray Mark VI zipper case.