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Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Original Lacquer Alto Saxophone, Serial #157762

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Selmer MK VI alto - Great Players Horn!
This is a great original lacquer Mark Vi alto sax in original lacquer, serial umber 157762. 
The alto is in excellent condition showing a physical history of being played often but never abused. There is some mild cosmetic wear around the major touch points and the back of the bell, but nothing too serious. The original lacquer shows a nice dark honey tint and crisp American floral engraving. There has never been any re-solders on this sax or major dent work. The body tube, bell, bow and bow cap are all in excellent original condition. The bow cap has never been pushed in or damaged in the past. There is one small ding on the bow showing that we will take out in the Saxquest shop before it ships out. The original neck with this saxophone is included in great condition. It has never been pulled down. 
These slightly later six digit models are great if you are looking for a highly flexible Mark VI. The sound and character have a tighter core sound compared to the more open earlier vintage Selmer models. This allows for excellent consistency in the balance of sound from top to bottom. As a player, this horn is everything you would want out of a pro alto. It takes your air in quick and is ultra responsive. The sound stays full and punchy all the way from low Bb up into the altissimo without ever becoming stuffy or muffled. It also showcases the medium bow construction which is preferred for most players who are very particular about a precise sonic balance. The key work is smooth and comfortable under the fingers allowing for a fluid response and positive play experience. 
This alto came in on a much older set of leather pads. As such it is currently in the Saxquest shop awaiting a professional Saxquest overhaul. The work will include a dissemble and cleaning followed by precise key fitting and replacement of all new pads and material. Once complete the sax will feature a brand new set of premium Valentino pro pads, brown plastic resonators, corks, felts and a full and very precise regulation of the key work. Our tech will also take out the small ding on the bottom bow. This alto ships out in perfect playing condition. 
If you are looking for a hands down killing Mark VI alto you will not want to miss out on this late 1960's Mark VI alto sax.