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Vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI Alto Saxophone Original Lacquer, Serial #158275

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Mark VI Alto – 1968
This is a very pretty original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI from the late 60's, serial #158275. Saxquest has had a lot of VI altos in this vintage through our shop. They make great pro horns for players in need of a versatile saxophone. This one in particular has a super quick air intake and is noticeably more free blowing compared to the current production Selmer. It features a rich sonic character while showcasing a balanced timbre across its entire range. 
Physically the Mark VI is in outstanding condition showing off the original lacquer finish. It shows an modest amount of play wear to the lacquer, typical of any good pro horn. Looking over the saxophone closely there is a single re-solder on the bottom guard foot of the low Eb key guard. This is a very clean repair and is hard to spot if you are not looking carefully. (picture 11 )
The body tube, bow, bow cap, bell and bell flare are all in outstanding original condition and show no history of past repair. This saxophone includes the original Mark VI neck. The neck shows speckled finish wear to the lacquer but is in outstanding physical condition. It has never been pulled down. We received this alto from the original owner who had played it for many years. Quite sometime ago they had hand engraved personal information into the back of the body tube near the clothes guard but later had it removed. This can be seen in picture 11 and 29 of the photo spread. 
If you are looking for a sweet player with a clean look this one is going to be pretty hard to beat. It has been quite some time since this sax has seem any servicing and the pads on it are very much past their prime. As such it is currently in line to receive a professional overhaul in our. The overhaul will include a dissemble and cleaning followed by precise key fitting and a set-up. Once complete it will be in perfect playing condition with all new Valentino Pro leather pads, metal domed resonators and all new key materials. 
Alto ships in perfect playing condition with a fresh overhaul and vintage Selmer Paris zip case.