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Vintage Selmer Paris Long Shank Soloist C* Alto Sax Mouthpiece .066

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Product ID: SelmerLSCSAltoSep2021


HELP, I Want One!

This is a vintage long shank C* mouthpiece for alto saxophone. These pieces came after the Soloist line and do still have the same horse shoe shape in their inner throat. They are also considered by many to be slightly darker then the earlier vintage. These pieces are a nice choice if you are looking to an alternative to the more focused modern S80 and S90 series by Selmer. 

This mouthpiece is in great condition. There is little oxidizatoin of the rubber and all stamps, logos, and scrolling are still crisp. There are two small dents along the corners of the top of the beak, as well as one at the very corner of the table and body behind the window. The facing profile is in excellent condition with no damage or alteration to the rails or curve. This measures .066"/1.68mm.