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Vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Action Tenor Sax, Serial #27644 - Dark Player

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Vintage BA Tenor – Includes Saxquest Pro Set-Up
This is a vintage 1939 Selmer Paris Balanced Action tenor saxophone, serial number 27644. The Balanced Action models are well known for their big lush sound. At the time of their introduction in the mid 30's the key work and big bore were considered to be a tremendously huge step forward for the saxophone. They were advertised with super fast key work which could allow a saxophonist to play  play “25% faster. “
This particular Balanced Action tenor has a notably darker color while it also showcases a beautiful clear and articulate sonic character. It takes the air in very quick and has a very big and rich response. The physical size of the sound is notably wider on these models then the later Mark VI models, this is sometimes what is meant when someone refers to a “spread” sound. 
The body of the sax is in great shape for its vintage. Like many of the Selmer tenors from the mid 1930's this one has been re-lacquered. It looks like the job was done well and done a very long time ago. The proper air bake lacquer was used. This sax shows off the proper dark honey tint and clear floral engraving. This BA does also feature the centerpiece engraving with a cabin and tree overlooking a sailboat and mountain range. The body tube, bow, bell and bell flare are all in great shape. Its bow cap is also in great shape and has never been pushed in. The original neck is also in good shape and show no history of ever being damaged. There is history of some past repair on this saxophone it looks like the bell to body brace has been re-soldered in the past which is very typcailly seen on BA tenors. There is some play wear on near the right hand thumb rest. The original pearl key touches also show some play wear from years of use. 
This tenor is currently in the Saxquest shop awaiting a professional set-up. It came into our shop on a great set of premium leather pads and gold medal seamless Reso Tech resonators. Once it has been finely regulated in our shop it will be playing like a real monster. Once we get it cleaned up and set-up we will post some fresh pictures and a play test video.