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Vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Action Tenor Sax - Serial #23291

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Product ID: 23291SelmBAten


HELP, I Want One!

Freshly Repaded, Great Player

This is a very nice, 1937 vintage Selmer Paris Balanced Action tenor sax, serial number 23291. This tenor is in excellent physical condition and comes freshly repadded with premium leather pads and machined, oversized TM Custom flat metal resonators.


For starters, this tenor looks great. Relacquered long ago, it was recently re-engraved in the original style, and the engraving is crisp and defined. While the sax does have a couple minor resolders on some of the lower body keyguards and posts, there is no evidence of any major past damage or trauma. It has been played, but obviously never abused. The original neck also doesn't appear to have ever been pulled down.


This tenor was overhauled in another shop before coming to us, and done well. It has been set up with a fairly open key height, with spring tensions on the lighter side, just as you want from a Selmer of this vintage. The keys have a nice pop under your fingers and all is in good adjustment.


Sonically, this tenor responds very quickly to your air, with a wide open feel and very little resistance. Its sound is more spread as many Selmer BA's are, but it retains that colorful Selmer core that is unmistakable. Has a lot of character and warmth in its tone, which envelops the listener. A fun horn to play.