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Vintage Selmer Paris 1970's Scroll Shank C* - Refaced to .108 by Brain Powell

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Selmer Paris Long Shank
This is a Selmer Paris hard rubber mouthpiece from the 1970's. It was originally stamped a C* but was recently worked on and opened to .108” by mouthpiece tech Brian Powell. The piece is physically in good shape and does not show too much play wear over all. There is a little bit of cosmetic blemishing around the beak from past teeth placement but nothing too serious. Brian did a great job on this piece and left it with a super crisp profile around the table, tip and rails. This piece features a horse shoe chamber, slanted side walls and a subtle baffle roll below the tip rail. 
This would be a great piece to pick up if you are looking for the darker Selmer sound with a little bit more clarity and brilliance.