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Vintage Selmer Paris 1950 Super Balanced Action Tenor Sax, Serial #42284 – Coltrane Era

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Product ID: 42284SBATenor


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Freshly Overhauled by Saxquest
This is a super sweet 1950 vintage Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action tenor saxophone, serial number 42284. The tenor was just mechanically restored in our shop and is now in perfect playing condition. We have been blessed to have had a number of these 1950's vintage SBA tenors in over the years. These horns always stand out for their amazing response and intense sonic character. They also tend to be considerably tighter from their core and less defuse then the first series of Mark VI's released in the mid 1950's. This SBA tenor is a beautiful player in its own right. 
The body of the sax looks very nice and is in great physical condition. It was at some point re-finished in the past. The current gold lacquer is in great shape showing only modest play wear. A past owner most likely had the engraving of this instrument re-cut as it looks absolutely pristine across the bell and bow regions.  Because the finish is not original it is impossible to know the history of repair prior to its current finish. But as it sits the body is in great physical condition and has an ultra clean look. Going over the sax in detail, there is light traces of some past dings being removed from the back of the upper bow. The bow cap its self is in outstanding original condition and has never been pushed in. This saxophone does include the original Selmer SBA neck. The neck is in very good condition and does not show signs it was ever pulled down in the past. There has previously been a few smaller dings on the neck which have now been corrected. 
This saxophone is directly off the bench of Saxquest tech Josh Creekmore and now is in perfect playing condition. The overhaul included a disassemble, cleaning and precise key fitting followed by a thorough set-up. This saxophone is now ready for a new home sporting all new corks and felts with a new set of Valentino premium leather pads and metal domed resonators. The key work feels ultra fluid under the fingers allowing for a positive playing experience. Its key pearls all have a smooth concave feel to them as well.  
These SBA tenors from the early 1950's have a gorgeous and intense sonic character. This particular SBA is a highly exceptional player. It features a lush free blowing response with a warm core and amazing definition. The clarity and projection of this instrument is absolutely incredible. If you have been on a hunt for an incredible player and are not dead set on original lacquer this SBA is going to be a hard horn to pass on. It ships out in perfect playing condition with a fresh Saxquest overhaul and a non original aftermarket case. If you have any questions about this saxophone please send us a product question or a message directly to zac@saxquest.com