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Vintage Selmer Pairs Mark VI Five Digit Tenor Sax, Serial #67951 – Road Warrior Players Horn

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Outstanding Mark VI Tenor – 1956
This is a world class player, vintage 1956 Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone, serial number 67951. 
If you are looking for a hands down fantastic player and do not mind the look of a well seasoned instrument you are about to fall in love. This saxophone came into our shop on a set of pads well past its prime. As such it is currently in the Saxquest shop awaiting a professional overhaul. The overhaul will include a dissemble and cleaning of the body and keys. Followed by precise key fitting, regulation and set-up. Once complete the sax will be in perfect playing condition featuring all new Valentino leather pads, metal resonators, new corks and felts. 
If saxophones could talk this one would surely have some incredible stories. It previously belonged to a highly active touring musician and has probably played thousands of gigs in countless countries. At this point the majority of the original lacquer is off of the body but the sax was never re-lacquered. The mostly raw brass format of the body gives it a plush free blowing quality. In regards to color it has a warm center but is by no means overly dark. Projection and balance of timbre across the entire range of the saxophone is excellent. The extreme upper register is super smooth and responsive and does not become thin or pinched.  Its key action is comfortable and ultra fluid under the fingers. The original key pearls are all intact and have a smooth feel to them now after many years of playing. 
While the saxophone is not the prettiest it is physically in exceptional shape. The body tube, bow and bell are all in great shape. Its bell flare is also in great shape and does not show any sings it was ever pulled down in the past. Looking over the saxophone closely it looks like there was some smaller dings taken out around the bow in the past but nothing to serious. The bow cap is also in outstanding condition and was never pushed in. There is a re-solder to the guard foot of the alt F# key guard. 
At some point in the past the original neck was swapped out for a slightly later vintage Mark VI neck serial number stamp 92461. The neck has the proper low octave key saddle. This neck shows some remaining lacquer. It was previously pulled down but was later brought back up to its true position.  
This saxophone is currently awaiting its professional overhaul in our shop. Before putting it in the shop we will have Austin post a video. Once the work is complete we will post fresh pictures and a new video. It ships in perfect playing condition in a Walt Johnson hard case. Please let us know if you have any questions.