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Vintage Selmer Pairs Mark VI Alto Saxophone, Serial #135792 – Freshly Overhauled

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Product ID: 135792MarkVIAlt


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Mark VI Alto – Overhauled and Read to Play!
This is a vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI alto saxophone in gold lacquer, serial number 135792. The alto shows off a very clean look from top to bottom. It was at some point re-lacquered in the past. The work was done well. Its current finish showcases a crisp gold color which is well complemented by the clear floral engraving. There is a little bit of honest play wear around the body but nothing too serious. Its engraving was recently professionally re-cut and looks stunning. 
As a player this alto demonstrates a quick and smooth air intake. The easy response allows for a lot of sonic flexibility while providing a consistent balance in all registers. Overall the sound color on this alto does seem to lean a little on the brighter side, but is by no means ultra bright. 
Physically the horn is very straight forward. It does not show any history of major body repair or solders on its current finish. The body tube, bow, bell and bow cap are all in great shape as are all of the tone holes and key guards. This saxophone is with a non original later vintage Mark VI neck . The neck is in outstanding condition and has never been seen past repair. 
This sax has been extensively play tested in the Saxquest shop and is a fantastic player. It was recently professionally re-padded in another pro shop and is in perfect playing condition. Because of this we are not going to do any of our own set-up work to this saxophone. The professional re-pad features a brand new set of leather Music Medic pads, brown nylon resonators and all new key materials. It ships ready to go in perfect playing condition with a 1970's vintage Selmer wood hard case.