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Vintage Selmer New York Made by Buescher – Silver Plate Baritone, Serial #56808

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Product ID: 56808SelmerNYBari


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Selmer New York – Baritone Keyed to High Eb
This is a very pretty vintage Selmer New York, serial number 56808. These early Selmer New York models were manufactured as stencils for Selmer by Buescher. This one slightly predates the 1920's. These early vintage saxophones features key work from low Bb to high Eb and are with out the pearl key touches which were not yet standard. 
This finish for this saxophone was restored at some point in the past. It is impossible to know the history of the horn previous to the plating but as it sits the body is in beautiful condition. There is no signs of past solder repair since the saxophone was plated. This saxophone looks like it was overhauled not too terribly long ago with firm leather pads and metal waffled resonators. It is currently playing down to a low Bb with a good number of leaks. If you are looking to for a early vintage baritone in playing condition for your collection this saxophone would be a great choice. However if you were wanting it for a lot of serious playing it is going to require some set-up work and general servicing before it could be considered “perfect”. 
Due to the rarity level and vintage of this instrument it is most ideal for a Selmer enthusiast or saxophone collector. It is not recommended for professional use or by a student saxophone player. This saxophone ships out in as is condition with a nice wood hard case.