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Vintage Selmer 'New Large Bore' Tenor Sax - RARE ORIGINAL GOLD PLATE - Serial # 10537

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Product ID: 10537SelmerTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a wonderful original gold plated Selmer Paris “New Large Bore” series tenor sax, serial number 10537. Selmer was successful with their Model 22 and 26 horns, but it was this model where they really started to “figure it all out.” In my opinion its the first Selmer where they established the characteristic Selmer sound. Most of these old 20s and 30s vintage Selmers have been relacquered at some point in their lives, but this one is still in factory original gold plate.


As you may know, gold plated horns are silver plated first, and then gold plated on top (gold will adhere to silver, but not so well to brass). As such, when these old horns start to wear, you can see the silver underneath. That's the case on this tenor for much of the back side of the body tube and around the bell. However, there's still a lot of gold plate intact in between the keys and whatnot. Not bad for a horn that is over 90 years old! Also, it is in remarkably good physical condition. There's some history of dent work here and there, most notably at the top of the tube where it appears the receiver took a hit at some point, and has been resoldered. The original neck does currently have a pull-down, but that will be corrected in our shop before shipping.


The previous owner was actively playing and gigging on this tenor, and pads are not all that old, but we want to make it perfect for its next owner. We're going to do a complete disassembly and cleaning/hand polishing. We'll clean up that past resolder work, make sure the tube and everything is straight as an arrow, and replace all pads and material. We'll optimize the spring tensions and key heights for a Selmer of this era (stacks slightly more open, spring tensions a hair lighter than a more modern horn), and it will come to you playing up a storm. This Selmer plays with a rich, warm sound, definitely more spread than a modern Selmer, but still has that solid core that you can push. It takes all of the air you can muster, and the plating adds depth and character. You can't get a tone like this one a new horn.