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Vintage Selmer Mark VI Soprano Sax Original Lacquer with High F#, Serial #305157

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Mark VI Soprano - Late Vintage
This is a later vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI soprano saxophone in original lacquer finish, serial number 305157. The soprano is certainly not the prettiest in the shop but it has it where it counts as it is a very nice player. It is fresh out of the Saxquest shop and is sporting a brand new set of Valentino leather pro pads as well as all new nylon resonators, corks and felts. 
This Mark VI soprano has a very smooth response to airflow and a sweet sonic character. The later Mark VI sopranos like this one have a larger size plastic thumb rest in comparison to the smaller rest on the earlier models. These plastic ones are also much more comfortable. The late models also show case improved keywork in the upper register, most notable the double resonance key in the upper stack. This saxophone does have key work to high F#.
While it is not the prettiest Mark VI we have had in the body is in solid physical condition. It does show a decent amount of honest finish wear around the major touch points of the horn and some history of repair. Its bell area has been repaired from a past bell flare pull down. ( see picture19&20) This saxophone does not show any history of major solder repair from the past. 
This saxophone was recently overhauled by Josh Creekmore in the Saxquest shop. The overhaul included a complete disassemble, cleaning, key fitting and precise set-up. It is now in perfect playing condition and showcases all new corks, felts, nylon resonators and a set of Valentino premium pro pads. 
Ships in wood hard case.