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Vintage Selmer Elkhart/New York Hard Rubber Tenor Mouthpiece .075

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Product ID: 7SelmElkTenSI


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Vintage Hard Rubber for Tenor Sax
This is a vintage hard rubber Selmer Elkart mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The piece is most likely an old stock piece that would have originally been included with an instrument from the Elkart factory. It features a body made out of good old school hard rubber. The outer body and shank are in decedent condition showing some cosmetic play wear. Its facing is also in good shape showing minimal cosmetic wear. 
The inside of the piece has a wide open chamber and rounded inner side walls. Its tip opening measures on the small side at .075”. This piece plays best with a heavy reed because of the small tip opening. The big chamber and hard rubber material make it a good candidate for refacing.