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Vintage Selmer Bundy Tenor Saxophone in Original Lacquer, Serial #26471 Floral Engraving

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Product ID: 26471BundyS1Ten


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Selmer Bundy - Early Vintage
This is a Selmer Bundy tenor saxophone in original gold lacquer finish, serial number 26471. If you are in need of a solid horn to use in a multitude of musical settings this one can be had at a superb price!
The Bundy was manufactured in Elkhart, Indiana in the late 1930's. It features all of all of the original key work and key pearls in good condition. The body of the sax does show a standard amount of cosmetic wear from its years of use. There was some light dent work done in the past to remove some small dings but the sax has no history of major repair or past trauma. There is no signs of any past solder repair. All of the original guards and guard feet are intact and in good shape. The bell flare is also in excellent original condition and has never been damaged. The original neck with this saxophone is in great shape. At this point 99% of the neck is in raw brass. The octave key does still have the majority of the lacquer intact. 
This tenor is a recent overhaul project horn of repair tech and video tester Ben Reece. Ben took his time on this one and played on a number of gigs. It is in perfect playing condition with all new Valentino leather pads and metal domed resonators. All of the corks and felts are also brand new. The sax has a great feel under the fingers and showcases a powerful sonic character. 
These tenors are very similar in look and in sound to the vintage Buescher Aristocrat saxophones from the same period. These tenors are sometimes referred to as “The Wayne Shorter” Bundy due to some photos of him playing one during the early parts of his carrier. 
This is a great free blowing vintage tenor and it can be had at an amazing price. Ships out in perfect condition with a contoured SKB case.