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Vintage Satin & Burnished Silver Buescher True Tone Bass Saxophone, Serial #67694

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Satin Silver Bass – Factory Restored
This is a very beautiful Buescher True Tone bass saxophone, serial number 67694. The sax was manufactured in Elkart in 1920. It was factory restored by some of the former Buescher factory workers in the 1980's. While it was being restored it received additional custom engraving work by Lynn Osborne. The unique engraving show cases a naked lady as well as nature scenery and a portrait of a bearded gentleman. Its body shows a nice satin silver finish which is accented by the burnished (shiny) silver plated key work. The saxophone includes all of the original key work as well as the original neck. 
The physical body of this bass is in tremendous physical condition showing some history of repair. There is a small handful of re-solders around the key guard feet as well as traces of solder around the bell to body brace. The sax does show history the bell was removed from the bow and body tube during the last restoration. But all that being said this sax is in great shape considering it is now over 100 years old. It should be noted the bell flare, bow, bow cap and upper J/U tube region are all in great physical condition. 
This Buescher bass from 1920 has key work from low Bb to high Eb. Like other Bueschers from the period it does feature a circular key pearl for a G# key and also has a “Back Door” Eb key. It looks like this saxophone was more recently re-padded with a set of white leather pads and metal resonators. While it is in our shop we will service this bass to make sure it is sealing up nicely before shipping. We will also give it a nice clean up to the silver finish. 
Please e-mail us for a shipping quote before purchasing. Due to the size of the instrument shipping costs are very expensive. International customers will have additional expense and limitations.