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Vintage Runyon Stainless Baritone Saxophone Mouthpiece 5 - .085

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Product ID: RunyonStainlessBari5Aug2021


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Full Package Stainless

Here is an immaculate Runyon Stainless model Bari Sax mouthpiece. It is stamped as a 5, but measures more like a Runyon 6 at .085"/2.16mm. Billed as being the only piece hand finished by Santy Runyon himself, the Stainless model was Runon Product's top-of-the-line mouthpiece at the time. It's machined from stainless steel, features a hard rubber bite plate, has a Teflon coating inside the chamber, and includes its original mouthpiece cap and ligature.

In our play testing, we found that the tables on these bari pieces are machined quite narrowly. Our tests results were that unmodified bari reeds don't play well on this mouthpiece but that a medium-firm tenor reed fits the table, tip and rail profile perfectly and plays with solidly locked-in intonation. The condition of the table, tip, and rails are in pristine, hand-finished condition.

Sonically, with a good tenor sax reed, this mouthpiece plays with plenty of warmth. It is in no way stuffy, though, and projects nicely with just a bit of edge to the articulation. It would sit well as a section player's piece as it is easy enough to blend with a section and locks into pitch very nicely. 

Included are the original Runyon plastic ligature and mouthpiece cap, as well as a vintage Runyon promotional brochure featuring all the information about this model.